'Risks to growth: mid-year economic concerns'

Article from 'The Hindu'

This article talks about the second volume of the annual economic review-cum-prognosticatory report which was presented by Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramania.

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Challenging Words in the Article -

Meaning : grim or miserable
Synonyms :dull, solemn, earnest, serious
Antonyms : cheerful, bright, ebullient

2.Aftermath (Noun)
Meaning : destructive event
Synonyms : outcome
Antonyms : cause

3.Contempt (Noun)
Meaning : lack of respect for someone/something
Synonyms : hatred
Antonyms : respect

4.Impart (Verb)
Meaning : to distribute a portion of something
Synonyms : provide, give, offer
Antonyms : keep, hide

5.Remunerative (Adjective)
Meaning : extending benefits
Synonyms : gainful
Antonyms : unprofitable

6.Posit (Verb)
Meaning : to offer as a suggestion
Synonyms : propose, predicate.
Antonyms : neglect, reject

7.Prognosticate (Verb)
Meaning : to forecast the future
Synonyms :Forecasting, predicting,foretell, prophesy, read, vaticinate
Near Antonyms : describe, narrate, recite, recount, relate, report, tell